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A List of Greek Gods and their Personalities/Abilities.

Amphitrite, the Greek goddess of springs, fish, and Queen of the sea.(Roman form: Salacia)

Amphitrite doesn't come up to the surface much, so she can often be found under the sea on her throne. She's a beautiful woman with long, black hair that sports the wet, beachy look that was popular in the 90s. She's got little horns sticking out of her hair that look like crab claws, and has been known to fight alongside her husband with a net and trident.

She's a very formal woman and is faithful to Poseidon, her husband, even when he's not to her. She's proud and regal, and doesn't always show respect to demigods, particularly children of Poseidon. She tries to do good by her people of the sea and expresses great concern when they're put in any danger, often going off to solve the problem herself with her trident. She's the mother of all seals and fish, as well as Triton, the messenger god of the sea.

She possesses these powers:
  • The ability to control forms of water, including freshwater sources.
  • Clear communication underwater.
  • The ability to speak to all types of sea creatures.
  • The ability to breathe underater.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddesss of love and beauty. (Roman form: Venus)

One of the more unique things about Aphrodite is that as the goddess of beauty, she really doesn't have one specific appearance. When she appears, she's seen by each viewer as their personal epitome of beauty - thus, no one really knows what her earthly form truly looks like. Here are some examples from canon:

Percy Jackson: To Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, Aphrodite appears as a woman in a red dress with beautiful hair in ringlets. Her smile, to him, looks like Annabeth's as well as a movie star.
Piper McLean: Piper, daughter of Aphrodite, has very different ideals of beauty than Percy. She's got shoulder-length hair, a beautiful figure, and wears a pretty white top and jeans. Aphrodite wasn't sure what hair color or eye color Piper liked best, so they were constantly changing for her. She wore no makeup when she visited Piper because Piper didn't find makeup necessary for true beauty.

She can be quite vain and often carries a mirror with her. One of her most prized possessions is a scarf enchanted with powerful love magic, which is currently in the attic of the Big House. It can cause people to fall in love with others or Aphrodite herself, and it's often the cause of many mortals falling in love with her to create demigods. She has a reputation for being flirtatious and clever, but they aren't her only two traits. Aphrodite believes in true love and has a deep connection with her children as well as all their fathers. She is the oldest of the Olympian gods and also widely believed to be one of the most powerful, as love is the most powerful force in the universe. She's in love with Ares, the god of war, and has an affair with him, but is married to Hephaestus, god of the forge.

Aphrodite has these abilities:
  • A sensual allure that causes other people to gravitate to her
  • Charmspeak - the ability to enthrall her victims and cause them to do what she wants with just the power of her voice. Her Charmspeak is much more powerful than any demigods, as demigod Charmspeak can only persuade people to do things.
  • The ability to cause people to fall in love with eachother or to stop loving eachother.
  • She can control the forces of physical appetite or emotional/sexual desire.
  • She controls unnattainable desires and is often the cause of them.
  • The ability to change her appearance. It's not known if this is involuntary.
  • She can help people attain their desires or true love.
  • She speaks fluent French, the language of love.

Apollo, the Greek god of healing, music, archery, poetry, prophecy, and the sun. (Roman form: Apollo)

Apollo is a god that's most commonly described by young demigods as 'hot', which only fits, because he's the sun god. He usually appears as a boy around 17 or 18 years old with sandy blonde hair, a cocky grin, and outdoorsy good looks. He dresses casually, for the most part, but is pretty fashionable regardless. His most prized possession is his Sun Chariot, which he drives around the world every day. It usually looks like a shiny red Maserati, but he can change its appearance at will.

He's known for having a cocky, self-centered attitude and can be pretty laid back. He speaks haiku all the time, one of his current hobbies, and even though he's the god of poetry, he's canonically pretty terrible at it. Apollo loves most demigods, regardless of whose they are, and usually will help them out in a bind. He has a tendency to flirt with girls, but also has serious respect for women, especially his mother, Leto, and his sister Artemis.

Apollo is Zeus' most powerful son, and has these powers:
  • He is a skilled archer and enjoys other things involving target-based objectives, like basketball.
  • He has the ability to play any musical instrument.
  • He has absolute control over light, and some degree of control over flames, as he can control the flames from the Sun Chariot.
  • He can manipulate someone's health as well as their anatomy/inner organs.
  • He can instatly heal wounds.
  • He can bless others by enhancing their senses or being able to detect bodily functions.
  • The only gods smarter than he is are Athena and Zeus.
  • He can see into the future, but does not tell anyone what will happen.
  • He can cause diseases and plague.
  • He is the best at driving the Sun Chariot.

Ares, the Greek god of war. (Roman form: Mars)

Ares appears as a strong biker who always wears some sort of leather, a bulletproof vest, and wraparound sunglasses. His eyes have been seen by few people because his sockets are actually full of fire. He usually pulls up on a Harley Davidson motorcycle with flames painted on the side and a seat made of human skin, and carries a knife on his thigh as well as a baseball bat that can turn into any weapon.

He's known as a brash man, and it's been said by the author that 'he could pick a fight in an empty room.' (For the record, it was him vs. the room, and he won, as usual.) He has a great sense of pride and is known as being very bloodthirsty. The best way to defend him is to call him a coward - you will quite literally get cut down. As a parent, Ares is very strict, but he cares about his children very much. He's in love with Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, and has a widely known about affair with her, since she prefers him over her husband Hephaestus.

Ares has these powers:
  • He has incredible prowess in war with any weapons and has only been defeated by demigods or otherwise a few times in his long existence.
  • He has the ability to conjure up any weapon and can use it with ease onsight.
  • He has the ability to magically disarm his opponents.
  • He has been known to curse people's weapons.
  • To a degree, he can control negative, powerful emotions like hate or rage.
  • He has a small amount of control over fire.
  • He can control undead warriors, as the losing side of any war must give a fraction of their dead to Ares as tribute.
  • He can bless people who show incredible bloodlust or courage in battle with temporary near-invulnerability.

Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, chastity, the moon, and the wilderness. (Roman form: Diana)

Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt, appears as a young girl around the age of 12. She has auburn hair and eyes the color of the moon on a clear night, and often wears either a short tunic hunting gear to match her Hunters, a band of young, immortal girls who serve as her hunting party and handmaidens. She's often accompanied by her golden stag. When she's serving more as the moon goddess, her dress changes to a long gossamer gown with a more elaborate updo.

Even though she's twins with Apollo, she couldn't be more different from him.
She's known as the more focused and serious twin. She spends a lot of time with mortals, especially young girls - who she has a deep care and affection for - and understands them better than most of the gods. She tends to judge people by their acts and deeds rather than potential, and is an independant goddess who doesn't spend much time on Olympus. She has a general dislike for men, though she respects men who prove themselves as valiant to her.

Artemis has these powers:
  • Enhanced speed, aim, and precision in the hunt and in battle.
  • The ability to camouflage.
  • Ability to control hunting animals such as wolves and hawks.
  • Ability to replenish animals she kills.
  • She can speak to animals.
  • She has direct control over monsters and will help demigods kill them and banish them to Tartarus if she is near.
  • She can see clearly at night.
  • She is skilled with a bow and arrow as well as knives.
  • She has the ability to create constellations as well as turn people into constellations.

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, tactics, and handicrafts. (Roman form: Minerva)

Athena is described as an intelligent woman with long black hair and grey eyes - a trait shared by all her children. She is a virgin goddess, but does have demigod children. If she falls in love with a man, her children spring as fully formed babies from her forehead, much as she was born to her father Zeus, and are presented to the man. Her gaze is cold and has been described as 'intense'.

Athena, much like Artemis, is a very focused, intelligent woman. She carefully plans each move she makes in her existence and is a dangerous opponent, as she will never make a mistake because she hated you. Her children are claimed at birth, and she has been shown to be very proud of them as well as herself. She will never say no to a challenge and often wins them. She never forgets what people say about her. Unlike many gods, she's calm and caring to demigods and will often help them on quests. One of her most prized posessions is the Athena Parthenos, which was supposedly stolen by the Romans and hidden away.

Athena has these powers:
  • Incredible prowess in battle and tactical knowledge.
  • Great weaving ability.
  • The ability to shapeshift into an owl.
  • Athena has the power of divine wisdom.
  • The ability to create 'brain children'.

Boreas, the Greek god of winter and the North wind. (Roman form: Aquilon)

Boreas appears as a tall, sturdy looking man with resilient eyes. He has purple wings and long hair with a beard - both covered in ice. He is the only god to speak only French instead of English, as he lives in Quebec, Canada - the oldest settlement in the North.

He has been known as a reasonable god who will listen to people first and then take action - provided they can understand him speaking, of course. He has been known to act rash in the past, though, as he once trapped a woman he loved in a cloud and turned her into his immortal wife. He has some jurisdiction over horses and fathered twelve who could run like the wind without trampling grass.

Boreas has these powers:
  • He can fly.
  • He can freeze things on command.
  • He controls blizzards and snowstorms.
  • He can turn people into frozen statues.
  • He controls the cold Northern wind.
  • He has the power to turn people immortal, as proven by his wife and his sons, the Boreads.

Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and the harvest. (Roman form: Ceres)

Demeter often appears as an older woman with black hair and kind, large eyes. She looks a lot like her daughter Persephone, and was said to be very beautiful in her younger days. She often wears a wheat-colored dress and has dried grass braided into her hair.

She's a bit of a fussy goddess, often acting like a nagging mother or mother-in-law. She cares deeply for her children, particularly her daughter Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. She can be a bit stern and values hard work and healthy eating among all people. One of her most prized posessions is her sickle, which she uses to tend to the wheat on Earth - the plant she has a soft spot for.

Demeter has these powers:
  • She can control, create, and manipulate plants.
  • She can allow the Earth to grow plants where soil was once infertile.
  • She can aid plants in growth by being near them, and is often found talking to plants.
  • She can change the seasons from winter to summer.
  • She can turn various objects into plants.

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, madness, and theater. (Roman form: Bacchus)

Dionysus is the god that campers see most often, as he's the camp director of Camp Half-Blood, known there as Mr. D. He has a chubby face and a red nose, and watery, bloodshot eyes. He has no fashion sense, often wearing Hawaiian shirts of various loud patterns and purple running shoes, despite never having run a day in his existence. He's often seen with a can of Diet Coke in his hand, as he's not allowed to drink wine while at Camp.

He's usually seen by campers as a grouchy man who hates heroes - going so far as to purposefully not remember their names. He's been this way since Theseus, a hero, abandoned Ariadne, who later became his wife who he was strongly devoted to - as such, he has very few demigod children. He dislikes being only known as 'the wine dude' and will often punish people who calls him that. Deep down, his time at camp has caused him to have a soft spot for heroes and feels upset when they are mistreated. Out of all the gods, he seems to care the most for his demigod children, as he is shown crying when one of his sons dies. He's known to have a reckless streak and loves parties - in fact, the whole reason he's camp director at Camp Half Blood is because Zeus punished him for this for chasing after an off-limits nymph on Olympus. His followers are the Maenads, and he is fiercely protective over them.

Dionysus has these powers:
  • He is brave in battle and fights well.
  • He can grow and summon plants at will - most often grapevines and strawberry plants.
  • He can suffocate people with grape vines.
  • He has the power to induce and cure madness.
  • He can create and manipulate alcohol, but does not have this ability at Camp Half Blood.
  • He can turn people and objects into wine.
  • He can turn people into animals.
  • He can conjure any beverage, but if he summons anything alcoholic at Camp Half Blood, it will turn into a can of Diet Coke.
  • He can appear anywhere where a party is happening.
  • He curses anyone who hurts or kills the Maenads.

Eris, the Greek goddess of discord, chaos, and strife. (Roman form: Discordia)

Eris appears as a woman with dark hair, olive skin, and a ripped red silk dress. She wears her nails long and sharp and often has a mischevious smile. Eris loves nothing more than to cause drama, and she is a major gossiper. She doesn't like taking responsibility for her actions and often runs away before things can be pinned on her. She's best known for being the one to start the Trojan War over the Golden Apple, her symbol.

Eris has these abilities:
  • Eris often disguises herself as a woman in a position of power to cause the downfall of major countries and companies throughout history.
  • She has the power to Shadow Travel to keep herself out of trouble as often as possible and pin the blame on others.

Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld. (Roman form: Pluto)

Hades appears as a man with pale, almost albino skin, intense black eyes, and a manipulative sort of swagger that might be described by some as evil. He wears black silk robes with souls threaded into the cloth, and in battle wears a red cape and the Helm of Darkness.

Hades is an honorable and just god, despite his reputation for being 'evil' since he is the god of the Underworld. He respects oaths as well as the laws of morality, and does not kill mortals. He's incredibly hardworking and takes his job as the judge of the dead very seriously. However, he's also shown to carry grudges that span even longer than lifetimes, which often causes people to interpret him as being 'evil' - a trait that he recieved from his father, Kronos.

He has these powers:
  • Control over the Earth and its stones, as well as things buried under the Earth.
  • He has divine authority over the deceased.
  • He can call forth the dead to fight for him.
  • He can destroy Skeleton Warriors.
  • He can put the dead to sleep and silence them.
  • He can capture and release souls in a burst of yellow flame.
  • He can sense when someone is dying.
  • He can place curses on the living.
  • He can control monsters of the Underworld, including Cerberus and Hellhounds.
  • He can control Shadows and fight using large bursts of shadow energy.
  • He can Shadow Travel.
  • He can control hellfire, which burns brighter and hotter than normal flame.

Hebe, the Greek goddess of youth and brides. (Roman form: Juventus)

Hebe often appears as a young woman in her prime - she's changed her age in accordance with the times and how old people consider a person's 'prime years' to be. Currently, she appears as a college-aged girl, and she wears jeans, warm boots, and a hoodie with her current favorite university's logo on it.

She's known as a kind, self-sacrificing goddess, but she also strives for upward movement in her life - moving from the lowly cupbearer of the gods to Hercules' wife and a new position as the Goddess of Youth and Brides.

She has these powers:
  • Hebe protects those who serve others.
  • As the goddess of pardons, she often frees prisoners.
  • She has the ability to grant people eternal youth.
  • She can create and manipulate nectar and ambrosia.

Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, crossroads, and trivial knowledge. (Roman form: Trivia)

Hecate's usually seen wearing dark robes with magical runes all over them, and carries twin torches of Greek Fire with her. She has short dark hair and is accompanied at all times by a dog and a polecat.

Hecate loves her solitude and isn't seen on Earth much. She prefers to spend time with Hades and Persephone in the Underworld. She has a very mysterious personality due to this, and no one really knows what she truly looks like or acts like until she appears to them. She moves in shadows and speaks quietly. Truthfully, she has much anxiety towards her children, as they were ignored by Camp Half Blood for many years due to not having their own cabin or even a place to call their own.

Hecate has these abilities:
  • She has the ability to control the Mist.
  • She can raise the dead to fight for her.
  • Her powers work in all realms - under the sea, in the air, and in the Underworld.
  • She has the ability to do magic, which allows her to warp reality and mimic the abilities of other gods. These abilities include Charmspeak, minor healing, shielding, shapeshifting, control of fire, and telekinesis.

Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire and the forge. (Roman form: Vulcan)

Hephaestus is the only Greek god to look misshapen or malformed. His shoulders are at different levels, he has a misshapen head, one bronze leg, and a beard that sparks and sets itself on fire at times. He's very muscular due to working in the forges, and he's usually got a bit of grease or oil on him - unless he's on official business in Olympus.

He's known to be a bitter man who's disenchanted towards gods and men, as the gods dishonored him - Hera hated him and threw him from Olympus, and his wife, Aphrodite, is largely unfaithful to him due to his grotesque appearance, and sometimes he feels this way about humans as well. He would rather spend time with his machines and other creations, as machines 'cannot let you down.' Despite all the troubles in his life, he still loves Aphrodite, as well as his demigod children and their mothers. Hephaestus is often busy at work in the forges on Olympus, and much like Hades, takes his job very seriously. He created the television channel for Olympus, Hephaestus TV, and used to host a show called Hephaestus Busts Heads before it was cancelled.

Hephaestus has these powers:
  • He is very strong and excels at fighting with a hammer.
  • He has control over heat and fire.
  • He can bless his children with the ability to control fire.
  • He is immune to fire and heat.
  • He has the ability to control modern and ancient technology.
  • He can build anything out of any material.

Hera, the Greek goddess of familial love, marriage, heaven, air, motherhood, and women. (Roman form: Juno)

Hera appears as a woman with brown hair in a complicated braid style. She often wears gold ribbons in her hair and a long dress that moves like oil on water. She's considered very beautiful and has a motherly face, but her eyes are full of power. Hera is not always a kind mother - she takes her duties very seriously and is upset by unfaithfulness and is easily provoked. She does not like demigods much, especially the children of her husband Zeus, and is biased towards what she considers 'perfect families'. She can be patient with demigods who listen to her, however, as she knows they are the keys to saving Olympus and helping her family reconcile with one another more often than not. Her sacred animal is the peacock and her most prized item is the Lotus Staff.

Hera has been known to do these things with her godly abilities:
  • She has the ability to conjure and create any food she wishes.
  • She has the ability to make things appear neat and orderly on command.
  • She creates and takes a sacred bath once a year to celebrate her marriage to Zeus.

Heracles, the Greek god of strength, bravery, and heroes. (Roman form: Hercules)

Heracles is a man who lives alone on an island, which he was cursed to guard forever. He was a demigod of ancient times (son of Zeus) who went on many adventures and was stronger than any other demigod of his time, causing the Olympians to turn him immortal and grant him godhood.

He is a passionate man who leaps into situations without thinking. He's also bored easily, but this comes from living alone on an island for years as its sole protector. He often makes visitors to his island complete Labors, much as he did in his time as a hero.

Hercules has these powers:
  • Extreme strength and speed.
  • Immortality, gained after he was burned in a pyre.
  • As the son of Zeus, he may have been able to control lightning.

Hermes, the Greek god of messengers, travelers, and thieves. (Roman form: Mercury)

Hermes takes on the appearance of a middle-aged man with a slim, but athletic, figure and salt-and-pepper hair. He is normally seen wearing nylon running shorts and a NYC marathon t-shirt, a mailman’s outfit or a suit. He is also known to wear winged shoes.

He’s known to be the more reasonable and helpful member of the gods, and takes his duties very seriously. He also has a far better understanding of mortals then his fellow Olympians. He cares a great deal for his children and is very accepting of others, which are traits not found among many of the other gods and goddesses. Hermes is very helpful as well as clever (outsmarting Apollo as a child). Naturally Hermes can become very angry when someone implies that he doesn’t care about his children.

Hermes has these abilities:
  • He is one of the fastest gods.
  • He can steal things and often go unnoticed.
  • He has the power of persuasion.
  • Hermes is an unbelievable inventor, only surpassed by Hephaestus.
  • He has great athletic prowess.
  • Hermes is incredibly clever.
  • Hermes also posses divine wisdom and is only surpassed by Athena and Zeus.
  • Hermes is also a god of sleep and dreams, but he has limited power in this area.
  • As the messenger of the gods, Hermes can go to the realm of any god, including the Underworld.
  • Hermes has limited prophetic abilities.

Hestia, is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, the right ordering of domesticity, and family (Roman form: Vesta)

Hestia takes on the form of an eight-year-old girl with mousy brown hair and red eyes that can be described as “warm and cozy”. She wears just a simple brown dress, or at other times robes with a scarf wrapped around her head. More often than not one can find her carrying an iron staff with her.

With a calm and humble disposition, Hestia shows a much more kindness then her fellow gods. That is not to say though that she is not proud, she in fact is very proud of her quiet personality and is seen as a very wise. She places priority maintain peace and harmony amongst her family, but also knows when it is appropriate to give in. She has no children and places a value in chastity.

Hestia, while claimed to be the weakest of the Olympian is actually very powerful due to being the eldest daughter of Kronos, she has these abilities:
  • Pyrokinesis, the ability to manipulate fire and heat as well as being completely resilient to being burned by fire.
  • Can allow others to witness events from the past, present, and future that deal with the family.
  • As the goddess of home and family, all things related to homes and family relationships are under her power.
  • Can summon delicious food, because she has power over the home and family, a power also exhibited byHera. Percy says that her food tastes like the home-cooked meals everyone should have eaten while growing up with.

Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep. (Roman form: Somnus)

Hypnos is said to be the twin brother of Thanatos, so it is presumed that he has the same “teakwood” skin tone, black hair and golden eyes.

He is not the most responsible or honorable of the gods. He’s said to do nothing much but sleep, implying that he is perhaps the laziest god. There is also evidence that Hypnos is cowardly, as well as using his power immaturely as a child.

Hypnos has these abilities:
  • Standard powers of a god.
  • Flight through levitation or his wings.
  • Hypnokinesis: His signature power that allows to him induce sleep, visions and even manipulate dreams in a very similar way that of his son Morpheus, but to a much more powerful degree.
  • Shapeshifting: Hypnos can change his appearance into anything that he wants to be, and has been known to turned into a bird in the past.

Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow. (Roman form: Arcus)

Iris appears as an eccentric middle-aged woman with glasses to most people. She has olive skin, dark hair and brown eyes. She is a bit quirky and only smiles with one side of her mouth, and often looks spacey, as if someone's asked her a question and she's in the middle of thinking. She is a free-spirited goddess who only attacks if you attack her first. She spends all her time delivering messages, so she doesn't have any shrines or sacred animals. Because of this, she's dedicated her life to her business, Rainbow Organic Foods and Lifestyles (ROFL). She lives in San Francisco with her cloud nymph friend, Fleecy, who handles most Iris-Messages for her. Fleecy has a specific chant one can ask her if they would like her to personally deliver a message for her: 'O Fleecy, do me a solid. Show ____.' She has a sacred item, a pitcher of Stygian water, which she uses to put to sleep anyone that swears to tell the truth and then lies.

As the goddess of the rainbow, Iris can do these things:
  • Manipulation of light.
  • Blinding of her enemies.
  • The ability to create and summon pegasi and rainbows, as well as colorful energy blasts.
  • The ability to create multicolored fire to burn her enemies.
  • The ability to move at rapid speeds.
  • She can reflect light beams off different things to make more powerful attacks.
  • Creation of Iris-Messages.

Keto, the Greek goddess of sea monsters.

She takes on the appearance of a young woman in her twenties with frizzy black hair that she pulls into pigtails. On top of that she has dimpled cheeks, braces and thick-framed glasses that give her the appearance of a student. Most often she is found wearing a Georgia Aquarium polo shirt, dark slacks and black sneakers.

Keto has a bubbly personality and loves to share her knowledge of sea creatures and smaller animals with anyone who listens. She has the habit of bouncing when she shares her knowledge. However despite enthusiasm she can be rather unfeeling towards sea creatures, going as far as sedating them and trying to teach them tricks. Her bubbly personality also does well in hiding her somewhat vengeful side.

Keto has these abilities:
  • Control over sea monsters.

Khione, the Greek goddess of snow. (Roman form: Chione)

Khione appears as a woman with too-pale skin, dark hair and eyes, and a white silk dress. She has been known to be a rather 'cold' goddess, physically and emotionally. She works alongside her father, Boreas (god of the North Wind and winter) and her brothers, Zethes and Calais, former demigods who have been granted immortality. She has been known to be hostile towards demigods, but may have a few half-blood children of her own. Her current home is in Quebec, and she can speak fluent French.

Khione's main power is cryokinesis, the control of snow, ice, and cold winds. She has been known to do these things with her powers:
  • Turning sentient creatures into ice.
  • Blowing things around with cold air.
  • Can change her form into snow or a snowstorm.
  • The ability to create and summon blizzards.
  • The ability to create large, nuclear explosion-strength blasts of cold.
  • The ability to turn something colder and colder until it feels as if it's burning.
  • She has a form of charmspeak that she can use by whispering in people's ears.
  • She can sense fire or people with fire abilities.
  • She can levitate herself with cold wind.

Melinoe, the Greek goddess of ghosts.

Melinoe has a rather frightening appearance – both sides representing her parents Hades and Persephone. Her left side is black and mummy-like while her right side is a chalky pale that almost makes her seem that she has no blood. Her eyes are black voids. However it isn’t very often one can catch her in this form, as she can appear as whomever she wishes while haunting people.

She is rather dissatisfied with the way Hades’s is ruling the Underworld, along with the fact that she cannot haunt mortals by day. She can have a somewhat nasty personality, as well as bitterness from her parents not taking an interest in her. These feelings lead her to take Kronos’ side in the war.

Melinoe has these abilities:
  • She can take on the appearance the dead people from an individual’s life, and then uses the guilt and anger from said person as an ally or advantage in battle.

Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. (Roman form: Somnia)
Morpheus is said to be a tall man in a long black coat. He has no shadow, however, and appears to shimmer much like a mirage when he moves. His face is always changing due to his role as the god of Dreams.

He is known to sometimes be slow when dealing with humor, insensitive and a bit self-obsessed. Morpheus takes a long while to forget and seemingly never forgets when someone has wronged him. He is very focused on his responsibilities as the god of Dreams, however, and does his best to fulfill his duties.

Morpheus has these abilities:
  • He posesses the standard powers of a god
  • Hypnokinesis, the ability to manipulate sleep patterns and can even cause others to fall asleep instantly.
  • He is the god of dreams, so he can make people fall asleep.
  • When looking at his face, it makes the viewer sleep
  • Whenever he passes humans, the human would pass out, curl up and fall asleep, and after he had gone, they would wake up and act as if nothing had happened.
  • He can send images to humans in dreams.
  • He can shape people's dreams.
  • He was able to put New York to sleep, but he could not do this to the heroes.
  • Like all gods, he has the ability take any human form and appear in dreams.

Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. (Roman form: Victoria)

Nemesis, the Greek goddess of vengeance, retribution, and balance. (Roman form: Invidia)

Nemesis appears at first as a woman with curly black hair and biker clothes, including a leather jacket, but over time, she will appear as a person you want to get revenge on in her clothes. She owns a motorcycle and carries a whip. She is known as a fair goddess, but can often seem cold and cruel, even to her children. She has a strong sense of honor and always pays her debts. Her symbol is the scales and her sacred animal is the goose.

She has these abilities:
  • She provides good luck to people with bad luck and vice-versa, being the goddess of balance.
  • She is able to punish those who are arrogant in a method of her choosing.
  • She will show someone their destiny if they provide her with adequate payment - usually a body part.

Persephone, the Greek goddess of flowers and springtime and the Queen of the Underworld. (Roman form: Proserpina)

Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, horses, and destruction.

Overall Poseidon is a benevolent god, despite his pride, stubbornness and his habit of being temperamental. These later three traits however are not as dominate after centuries of maturity. He loves and cares for all his children, watching over them ore then the other gods and will often give them advice and help them indirectly. He also has a very odd sense of humor, it’s hard to tell at times if he’s joking or not. He is a tease.

Poseidon has short black hair along with a neatly trimmed beard. His skin is a tan color and has “smile crinkles” around his sea-green eyes and cheeks. Normally he wears Birkenstocks, khaki Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts. He also wears a battered cap covered in fishing lures.

Poseidon has these abilities:
  • Hydrokinesis, absolute control over water.
  • He can withstand any amount of water pressure.
  • He can generate water from his body.
  • He can use sea waves as a form of transport.
  • Geokinesis, the mental and/or physical ability to control/manipulate earth.
  • Aerokinesis, the ability to manipulate air patterns.

Thanatos, the Greek god of death. (Roman form: Letus)

Thanatos appears as a muscular man with dark skin, dark hair, and gold eyes. He wears chains around his wrists, and has beautiful black wings that can also appear blue and purple in the light. He is incredibly dutiful as the god of death, and serves Hades, the god of the Underworld. He keeps a list of those who must die and sticks to it. He has been known to have a bit of a sick sense of humor, and doesn't always like doing his job because 'death isn't fair'. The two most important items to him are his scythe and his black iPad that he uses to keep lists of the dead and skype with Hades.

As god of death, Thanatos has these abilities:
  • Control over death and dead people.
  • The ability to kill with a single touch.
  • Separating the dead from the living by bringing the dead back to the Underworld.
  • Keeper of the Doors of Death.

Triton, the Greek god of the navy and messenger of the sea. (Roman form: Triton)

Tyche, the Greek goddess of good luck and fortune. (Roman form: Fortuna)

Zeus, the Greek god of the skies, lightning, honor, and justice. (Roman form: Jupiter)

Zeus often takes the form of a large man with long greying black hair and a beard. His eyes are grey and look proud, but stern, and he's often wearing a suit. Zeus is the leader of the Olympian gods and has a lot of self-respect and confidence, and demands that of others, including the demand of other people to put him first - if one does not do this, it often angers him. He's got a very quick temper and is easily made paranoid. He also has a flair for the overdramatic (especially in his entrances and exits) and likes to show off. He cares deeply for his children, as well as the other gods, but appears stern so he can seem like a more just leader. Zeus deeply distrusts Poseidon and his children, and it's dangerous for children of Poseidon to fly, as Zeus may blast them from the sky. He lives on Mount Olympus in New York City.

Zeus's powers include Aerokinesis, Atmokinesis, and Electrokinesis. His most precious item is the Master Bolt, which all other lightning bolts are made from. Zeus has been seen to do these things with his powers:
  • Manipulation of clouds and air currents.
  • Flight.
  • Generation of wind, lightning bolts and thunder, as well as hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Control over the weather.
  • Immunity to electricity.
  • Has the ability to send static shocks through people.
  • Some degree of control over the 'air waves' of radio and television.

Here are some other Greek gods we can mention:
    Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. (Roman form: Aesculepius)
    Deimos, the Greek god of panic and terror. (Roman form: Metus)
    Delphin, the Greek god of dolphins and lieutenant of Poseidon.
    Enyo, the Greek goddess of war.
    Eurus, the Greek god of autumn and the East wind. (Roman form: Vulturnus)
    Ganymede, the Greek god of homosexual love and cup-bearer to the gods.
    Maia, the Greek goddess of mountains and nymphs. (Roman form: Maia)
    Notus, the Greek god of summer and the South wind. (Roman form: Auster)
    Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night. (Roman form: Nox)
    Palaemon, the Greek god of sharks and harbors. (Roman form: Portunus)
    Phobos, the Greek god of fear and horror. (Roman form: Timor)
    Zephyrus, the Greek god of spring and the West wind. (Roman form: Favonius)